You + Me = Drugs (Inspiration)

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You + Me = Drugs” is near and dear to me.  This song struck a chord with my fans when I first started sharing music online, and it still holds true to my thoughts about the pharmaceutical companies.  I by no means am condemning anyone who chooses medication for treatment.  I myself have been on and off meds most of my life for treatment of Bipolar Depression.  This song was written nearly 10 years ago when I was 100% pill free and MANIC.  These days I’m very proactive with my health, doing nearly everything I can with diet and exercise to control mood swings, but I’ve found that even being proactive has  its limitations.
I still cycle…(in layman’s terms: I have uncontrollable mood swings – extreme lows sometimes lasting several weeks, followed by highs of mania) Both not all that conducive to having a well balanced life.  
Using meds in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle has seemed to work for me for some years now.  I’m just not a firm believer that medication is the solution to EVERY problem and many doctors seem to use meds as their first go-to instead of proper diagnosis.
Being on a laundry list of pills definitely isn’t a solution.
If you struggle with mental illness I sincerely hope you find the best treatment for yourself.  Everyone’s chemistry is different, so it’s all trial and error till you find what works.  Personally, I gave up alcohol 3 years ago, exercise 4 days a week, and eat healthy for the most part… I Know I Know… We’ve heard it a million times, but I swear by it.  It sure has helped me tremendously.  I supplement a small amount of lamictal to help control my mood swings as well.  The combination of all these things still has not prevented me from cycling, but it has made the lows and highs way less intense, thus allowing me to enjoy life the way that I’ve always imagined I could. If any of this is resonating with you, I honestly wish you the best and hope you find answers to your questions.  I’m here if you need someone to talk to as well.  I mean that.
ps.  “You + Me = Drugs” (LIVE) 2019 is available on my latest record “LIVE”.  Pick up an exclusive digital copy here.  Your support is greatly appreciated.  My art has and always will be a direct reflection of my experiences, the good and the bad.  I’m grateful you’re here on this journey with me.

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