Who Am I?

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My set-lists have always been all over the map…  Cover songs ranging from 90’s Gangster rap to hits from Johnny Cash.  Mixed with original songs reminiscent of Frank Zappa meets Kenny Loggins?? WTF!  (I heard that comparison one day and it stuck with me. lol)

I suppose my life, and my inability to feel settled, has apparently bled its way into my creative endeavors and my set-lists.  This either makes my audience excited because the show is unpredictable, or it alienates me from those that aren’t willing to look outside the box.  I’m well aware on the evenings that my diversity isn’t working in my favor when I finish a song and I hear a cricket fart from the back of the room! Haha. The same set-list could excite an audience one evening and clear a room the next.  I’m done punishing myself for having “multiple genre disorder”. Haha. Not knowing where I fit in is exactly where “my sound” lives.  Floating in the ether of “Who Am I” maybe songs for lost souls – here we are in limbo.  The few that find themselves most comfortable dressed head to toe in black.  I don’t know.  I’m just rambling at this point…Below you’ll find a couple of my favorite cover song arrangements I’ve put together over the years. Enjoy!




If you enjoyed the above arrangements, make sure to check out my latest album “LIVE”!



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