How did this go viral?!

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Gorillaz Feel Good Inc - Dustin Prinz

It was July 7th of 2009.  I was living in a spare bedroom – unfinished plywood walls adorned with dust bunnies housed under a tin shed they called “The Wired Lofts” – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Pretty sure it was taken down by a tornado since then…

Youtube was in its infancy and I was blown away by the idea that a person could upload a video and someone on the other side of the world could view it within minutes…(mind blown. lol)  I was excited, overly ambitious, and impatient.  I wanted to get this show on the road.  I setup a camera, learned a song in less than an afternoon, fumbled my way through the lyrics, and pressed record on my Kodak Zi8.  Red light flashing, faucet dripping, towel rack in frame off my right shoulder – For some reason I thought the bathroom would make for the best on video first impression.  lol.

Finished, I uploaded the video to Youtube and little did I know that this was the beginning of a long friendship.  That day I made friends with fear, and took my first step in becoming an online content creator.

My cover video of “Gorillaz” Feel Good Inc has since then received over 3,375,000 “collective” views.  This video has been re-uploaded and shared more times than I could ever imagine.  I’m quite irritated actually… LMAO! (bet you weren’t expecting that)


Don’t get me wrong…I’m blown away and grateful by the amount of fans that I got from this first video, but I’m still scratching my head as to why and how it happened. Oh, and I also have an unimaginable amount of internet trolls that remind me on a weekly basis that I fucked up the lyrics… lol. Yes, I was well aware of that 10 years ago, thank you. Haha

Again…  How did this go viral?

I’ve gone through many scenarios in the old nugget…

  • Maybe people are sharing it because it was filmed in a bathroom and that’s funny?
  • Maybe my resemblence and sound to that of Jack Johnson was uncanny?


  • Maybe they connected on a human level with my flawed performance and painfully incorrect lyrics?
  • Maybe it was just the right time, place, and song – and I did a cool rendition?

I think It might be a little bit of “all the above”.

Regardless,  it happened, and I’ve been sharing myself and my art ever since.  The response I got pretty much gave me the “OK” to keep sharing.  My performance wasn’t perfect, by any means, it was actually very much so “human”.

To date, I’ve created over 260 videos ranging from crazy guitar driven cover songs, to 6 albums of original music, and a handful of singles.  It’s been extremely rewarding to let go of fear and put myself out into the world.  Sometimes ideas work, and other times they fail miserably. Haha  All you can do is continue to see things through to the end and keep sharing!!

My gratitude to you for reading all of this is immeasurable.  I mean that.  My story may or may not seem significant to you, but all I know is that I’ve found a lot of purpose in the things that I create and the idea that sharing my work might impact someone else to overcome mental hurdles of their own.  After all, we’re all fighting battles in our own way.  Personally, music has saved my life time and time again.  It’s my life preserver in this endless sea of ups and downs.

I you haven’t already, I’d love for you to check out my latest project “LIVE”.  Twelve songs focused on raw live performance, just me and my guitar with the occasional loop pedal.  Basically my life’s work!

Again, thanks for being here, and as always – please feel free to share any thoughts with me regarding music, life, health or anything else that’s on your mind.

– Dustin







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