Where would you be without music?


This Bipolar Alt-acoustic singer songwriter crafts tunes ranging from tongue-in-cheek parodies (on the ups) to mournful ballads reflecting on mental illness (on the downs) with only  one common thread – Sublime guitar techniques and a style all his own, called “Parapicking”.

 “Creating music has been my medicine” – Dustin Prinz

“Dustin has a song for just about every emotion and his own style that breathes creativity”.

…and now you can download 2 of Dustin’s songs for free!

“You + Me = Drugs” (LIVE 2019)

“Heart Of Youth” (LIVE 2019)

Listen to what others are saying about Dustin Prinz!

“Dustin’s original compositions highlight his uncanny ability to harmoniously craft lyrics and musical riffs”. – Teri Doty(Music Insider Magazine)
“Dustin Prinz is the real deal; wading through the industry with pure intent. His work reflects his passion, and his  long discography wins affection with steady precision”. -Liz Rowley(BestNewBands)
“What amazes me is how Dustin can be so quirky at times, funny, imaginative and then turn your emotions with his serious side”. (SPINTHAT45)


As one reviewer put it, “Sometimes we need to listen to an album that speaks to and through our emotions, one that describes how we feel at any given point in our lives. Using his guitar and his voice, Prinz paints a vivid picture that has a color and brush stroke for everybody”.


Quote from a fan:

“I gotta say, I started to listen to you simply because of your skill. But, my friend, you have a lot to say. It’s a light-hearted tune, and yet an awesome, and serious message that needs to be addressed. Keep it up! Great stuff!” – song (You + Me = Drugs)

Dustin’s music has captured the attention of millions of fans online who have connected with his unpredictable and unconventional lyric and guitar stylings.  This alternative acoustic singer songwriter blends the musical virtuosity of Frank Zappa with glimpses of Kenny Loggins, Mike Einziger of Incubus, Jon Gomm, and a hint of Rodrigo y Gabriela.

For a limited time Dustin is giving away 2 songs off his latest album “LIVE”.  Just enter your name and email address below the big red arrow and you will be immediately sent the download link to the free tracks.

So enter your name and email address now, grab some headphones, and prepare yourself for an emotional roller-coaster ride on Dustin’s Bipolar Byway.