Face Of Failure

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I have this quote as my home screen on my phone.  It pretty much applies to everything in life and helps remind me that I have to keep pushing and learning even when I feel like I’m failing.  It seems simple enough, but all too often I think it’s the simple things that we become blind to.

Rehearsals can get repetitive and when you’re focused on things with a magnifying lens sometimes it’s difficult to see the overall picture.  I used to get discouraged when presented with a problem, or technical passage of a song that seemed unachievable.  Now, I remind myself of this simple quote, slow things down to an alarmingly ridiculous speed, and focus on technique till the problematic area is solved.  Get it under your fingers!  Now we can speed things up.

It never hurts to have a little reminder time and again.


Side note:  Now, I just need to learn to keep things in the pocket and not rush a tune when it becomes comfortable! lol. I have a tendency to play the guitar with reckless abandon when I get excited.  You might hear a little of this on my latest record “LIVE”!  Check it out here.

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