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Music = Medicine

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I’m extremely grateful that I found music early on in life.  Finding something to be truly passionate about has helped me make sense of this world and has been a constant source of direction.  Regardless of the ups and downs in life, I’ve always returned to creating music.  One simple thought can turn into an […]

Face Of Failure

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  I have this quote as my home screen on my phone.  It pretty much applies to everything in life and helps remind me that I have to keep pushing and learning even when I feel like I’m failing.  It seems simple enough, but all too often I think it’s the simple things that we […]

Music From Madness

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I’ve been fortunate enough to make a living playing music for the last 3 years.  Before that, I was traveling and sharing music all over the country but was struggling to make ends meet.  Living out of hotel rooms, my van, or sleeping on other people’s couches (dog dander included lol). I learned a lot […]

Heart Of Youth (Inspiration)

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“Heart Of Youth”was inspired by an amazing guitarist and singer/songwriter named Jon Gomm…  I was obsessed with his videos watching his technique for months on end.  I went through a phase where I was all about percussive guitar and I wanted to write a tune that incorporated some of his techniques along with my own […]

You + Me = Drugs (Inspiration)

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“You + Me = Drugs” is near and dear to me.  This song struck a chord with my fans when I first started sharing music online, and it still holds true to my thoughts about the pharmaceutical companies.  I by no means am condemning anyone who chooses medication for treatment.  I myself have been on and off […]

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