Art & Fear

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I can’t entirely remember why I went along with my sister-in-law, but she introduced me to a friend of hers one afternoon.  Maybe a co-worker, if memory serves me right.  This friend of hers happened to be an artist in her mid 60’s whom was well versed  with insight into the headspace that many “creative types” find themselves in.  I connected with her over our mutual interests as I talked about my fear of creating my first album, wondering how friends and family would react to these songs that were so personal to me.  Up until this point, my songs were just loose recordings on cassette tapes, and old computer hard-drives.  Each its own whisper that eventually spoke with the weight of a freight train.  I couldn’t ignore them anymore, or the overwhelming feeling of disappointment I had with each passing year, and yet no progress.  These weren’t just ideas to me.  These melodies were tied to my identity, and yet, I was too afraid to face them – scared I’d fail at completing a thought.

She handed me a book:  “Art & Fear”

I owe it to her and this book for giving me the courage to keep creating and sharing my art with the world.  I guess I’d be lying if I didn’t owe a little to Klonopin as well…  That shit is pure evil when you’re trying to get off of it btw.  Withdrawal was a bitch.  Regardless, “Art & Fear” really helped me to create a healthier headspace which ended my decade long procrastination.

Thank you “lady that I don’t know your name or remember your face”, and thank you Sister-In-Law Sammy for randomly dragging me along on that fateful day.  It’s sometimes the tiniest and seemingly insignificant thing that turns out to be the two- ton- truck- impact that blows your mind – that tiny tag along trip was life changing.

Oh, if you’re a creative basket case like me I highly recommend you read “Art & Fear”.  It’ll probably change your life… 🙂

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